Now you can tell how serious I am...

Oh hello!  I didn’t hear you come in.  Just let me finish these squat thrusts, 999, and…1000.  Ah, refreshing.  Welcome to my weight loss blog.  This is where I discuss my journey to less-fatness.  Feel free to look around.  Help yourself to the unsweetened green tea.  You can find your way around using the side bar or by clicking the tabs at the top of the page.  Also, take a look at my Healthy Living links, there’s good stuff there.  Feel free to leave a comment or hit the like button, cause between you and me, when someone likes me I likes them back.  If you know what I mean, *winkwink…wink… awkward moment… averts eyes.  All right, I’ve got donkey-kicks to do.  Let me know if you need anything.


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