Day 2 Stuff

Posted: April 21, 2011 in Thoughts, weight loss
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So yesterday was the first official day of my new “lifestyle”.  Remember dieting doesn’t work, its gotta be a lifestyle.  Anyway I did all right.  I’m easing my way into it.  I was sick from McDonald’s most of the morning and hardly ate.  For dinner I had chicken with pan gravy (it isn’t quite as bad for you as it sounds, just drippings, water, milk, flour, salt and pepper.)  On the side I had a salad and green beans.  I put ranch and low-fat cheese on the salad, not much but it was there.  I finished what was left of a 2-liter of coke as well.  For dessert I had two weight watcher ice cream bars.  Easing into it.  It’s hard to go from tons of rich food to the bare minimum needed for survival.  But I feel like I started.  This thing is in motion. 

Today I want to go get some fast food pretty bad.  But that’s not my real worry.  I’ll be alone this weekend and that’s one of my favorite times to eat.  The girlfriend leaves for the weekend, I stuff my face.  I will be tested hard in the coming days, and let’s not forget Easter.  Usually I have a rule about not dieting on holidays.  However, I’m pretty early into this, and a good hard eat might tighten foods hold on me.  I should take it easy.  I’ll try. 

I should go work out now.  I should have some fruit and drink a bunch of water.  Not what I’m in the mood for.  I’m going to try to force myself.  First I need to eat.  I’ll feel stronger when I’m full.


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