my take on the scale

Posted: April 22, 2011 in Thoughts, Uncategorized
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There is no better feeling than getting on the scale and seeing a lower number than last time.  Its addicting.  It gets you to the gym and makes steamed veggies practically edible.  Because it feels so good you want it again and again.  Waiting a full week is unsatisfying, especially if you feel noticeably thinner one day.  But it’s bad news while losing.  Don’t do it. 

In my experience it goes down like this.  You get on the scale and see that you’ve lost two pounds.  So your thrilled and all the sudden you don’t mind dieting.  All the hard work is paying off, and you’re making it and it’s going to be worth it in the end and you love yourself.  Later that day you get back on the scale to see that wonderful number again but now your 1.8 lbs heavier.  You glare at that stupid new stupid number for a second and then storm out of the bathroom, your mood greatly diminished.  You tell yourself that you drank a lot today or you have a full stomach.  The next morning you jump on and you’re back to your low weight, which is good  but now you wonder why it’s not less.  That day you don’t eat anything so the next day your number will be lower, but when you finally hit the scale your .2 heavier.  Next thing you know you’re obsessing all day about the scale.  You don’t even want to drink water because it will make you heavier.  You’re sick feeling but losing some weight which is all that matters anymore.  You can’t hardly sleep at night because you’re so curious about what your number will be in the morning.  If it’s higher than it should be you’re miserable and all day your asking yourself “what’s the point?”  All the time, you’re either very high, or very low.  It’s physically and mentally unhealthy.  It doesn’t work. 

So in my opinion weigh yourself more no more than once a week.  Focus on living healthy, eating clean and moving your body.  Just try to live that way.  Don’t worry about pounds too much.  It’s a long wait to get where you want to be.  Even weekly weigh-ins can be deceiving.  The body doesn’t always like to change.  Some weeks it will give you 6 lbs with little effort, others it will give you nothing even though you’re feeling like your killing yourself.  Expect it.  It will come if your consistent.  Well I think so.  That’s what I’m telling myself.  Don’t be a slave to the scale!  Make weight loss an exciting opportunity to change the way you live.  That’s my take on the scale.


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