Ravings of a Hungry Dude #1

Posted: April 22, 2011 in Ravings
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Ok, it’s only day two.  The time is 12:46 am.  I am hurting.  Can I please eat? Please, please, pleeeeaaaase? Honestly I’ve almost gone out for food ten times.  I’ve rolled around a number of different excuses to eat but none of them are suitable.  If nothing else this blog is keeping me honest.  If I jump off the wagon and start mainlining cheese I promise to admit it.  Crap!  Is there really just no way I can eat?  No way at all?  I’m supposed to go drink water till I feel full… that sounds awesome!! Thank you for understanding!  Damnit.  Ugh.  All right.  I’ll stop.  I need to get past this first few days.  Things will get easier, I’ll get it together.  But I hate this.  Tonight sucks.  But if I want to lose weight I can’t give in to the urge to binge, and that is that.  I need to go to bed…


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