So here’s an important part of losing weight.  Dropping the ball.  Most of us will fail sometimes in our efforts to eat healthfully.  You hope to make it past week one before you break,  but sometimes there’s an all you can eat crab legs special on a friday night and you’re all like,  “Eaters gotta eat!”  I might know more about this scenario than I care to admit. 

Why did I do it?  Here’s the excuse.  I go out to eat once a week so I don’t feel like I’m completely missing out on the joys of food.  Also, there is an idea that giving yourself a good feed once a week keeps your body out of starvation mode and helps you lose weight.  We decided to do cheat night on Friday’s so we can kind of cut loose a little.  Have some drinks, go out to eat, crunch on movie popcorn floating in a greasy butter-bath.  That kind of good stuff.  Here’s how I fit it into Weight Watchers.  You have 49 points extra each week to use however you want, that added to my daily points brings me to a hefty total of 104 points.  A Quarter Pounder is like 13 points.  That gives you some idea of the room I have to play with on cheat day.  So, my excuse is technically valid. 

The truth is I was planning on not cheating this Friday.  I wanted to start that next week.  Plus I’m planning on enjoying my dinner on Easter.  I lost the battle.  We sat around most of the day.  We were bored, hungry, and grumpy.  I knew the buffet was open till 9.  I watched closing time creeping closer and closer.  I was feeling miserable.  Just unhappy.  I knew good times were only a crab leg away.  At 8:15 neither of us had spoken in like forty-five minutes and we were kind of just staring into space.  I’d had enough.  “It’s Friday.  That’s cheat day, we’re going.”  We walked in to the restaurant like 3 minutes later.  If she had been having a baby we wouldn’t have moved half as fast. 

I didn’t enjoy it.  That’s what sucks I guess.  I knew I had to write about it.  I felt like a loser the whole time.  The guilt further soured my sweet-and-sour chicken.  The crab legs just ripped my hands up and pissed me off with the ridiculously puny payout received from all that cracking.  Also, I didn’t open my fortune cookie which is probably bad luck.  I walked in hungry and miserable, and walked out stuffed and miserable.  What a pain in the ass.  I have to admit though that even though I’m guilty feeling, this evening I’ve felt much more content than I felt earlier.  Less restless.  Cheerier.  But also like I don’t respect myself.  Are those my two choices? 

So I ate.  The plan continues.  Friday Fat Day is in effect.  Next week I’m turning it up a few notches.  Workouts, Weight Watchers, and… Wonder?  Wellness?  Wookies?  Some “W” word.  I want three of them in my slogan.  Wookies are really strong by the way.  Maybe my motto should be “Wookie Strong”.  I’ll get brown rubber-bands to wear like Lance Armstrong’s yellow ones.  Wait, is this one of those ideas that seems great at 2:15am but seems dumb in the light of day?  Nope.  Pure awesome.  High five!

  1. Matt says:

    It took me a minute to find this sneeky little comment button. Crafty little thought bubble to the right of the title… Part of me wants to yell at you for fat Friday, but the reality of it is you gotta do what works for you over the long haul. Being miserable every week doesn’t sound like a very good recipe for long term success. Besides, eating crab for fat Friday is actually a pretty good choice compared to most alternatives. Oh and your third W should be Wooty. You know, a white girl with a booty!

    • beefyguy says:

      Wooty is good. I’m thinking about adding W’s. I want a silicone bracelet covered in W’s. People will say, “What’s that stand for? “. Oh this? What doesn’t it stand for? Water. Wellness. Weight loss. Water. Wookies. Wootys. Warts. Waiting. Washing. Welsh ponies. It’s so fricken inspiring!

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