Easter weekend has come and gone.  I didn’t do so hot, but I’m not letting it get to me.  The diet continues.  Over all I’m giving myself a failing grade for week one.  But it was a short week and rather than making it official I’m extending week one to include this week as well.  In summation week one will be ten days long.  That’s right, I bend the rules of time and space whenever it pleases me.  My weeks will be Monday to Sunday starting….now. 

So here are the positives.  I went to Weight Watchers tonight for the first time in a long time.  I had them start my program over again so everything will be fresh and new.  Also I’m feeling motivated.  I’m good at losing weight when I want to be and this week I want to be.  Let us get serious.  You’ll notice that sometimes I refer to myself as more than one individual.  Don’t let that disturb you.  Sometimes I’m including you the reader and sometimes it’s because I’m nuts. 

A note on my two weights:  I have two weights.  It’s necessary that you understand this to avoid any confusion.  There is my Weight Watchers weight, which is my walking around, dressed, food in my stomach, weight.  And my second weight I call my fighting weight.  This weight is first thing in the morning, with an empty stomach… nuuuude.  Calm yourselves.  It’s necessary to get the very lowest weight possible.  I will be giving both weights in my weekly stats.  I tried to get my fighting weight and my WW weight to be the same but those prudes called the cops.  That never happened.

Soooo, in the meeting we talked about eating a variety of foods.  Good advice really.  If you’ve been dieting for a while and eating the same things every day it sometimes trips you up.  If you can’t stand the thought of eating what you’re supposed to eat you’re more likely to cheat.  So there’s that. 

One more thing.  I took the traveling tracker (a food tracking book we trade every week so we can see what other people eat) to give myself some more accountability and to force myself to track because I fricking hate doing it.  It should help.  Let the week officially begin!

  1. Kym says:

    Those WW people are so uptight. Shouldn’t a grown man be able to strip naked to weigh himself whenever the need arises in the name of good health and entertaining blogging? They shouldn’t be allowed to use W’s in their name. I have a good feeling about this week. Wookie Strong!

    • JoyWorks says:

      You are so inspiring! I would never have the courage to “put my stats out there”, like you have! I admire you! I need to lose at least 50 lbs. I have just recently discovered that I have been paying Weight
      watchers $16.95 a month for the past 18 months (I really thought that I had cancelled that). It does explain why I have been receiving emails from WW every other day! I thought that it was just because they cared. Well, if they have not given up on me, I shouldn’t either, right? So, I dug around and found my traveling tracker (good news!) Bad news is, I think that I know one of the reasons why I have not lost any weight. I have no idea of how to use it! Not to worry, I am going on line for the instructions that have been long lost. Beefy Fellow, you have inspired me. I’m in! Good Luck to us both! I’ll check back.

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