Week 1 Reporting

Posted: April 29, 2011 in Thoughts, Uncategorized, weight loss
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Hello! So the weight loss journey continues.  One step at a time.  I’m well into week 1 and here is my current issue.  I don’t eat.  It’s kind of like I’m throwing a little fit only quieter.  I want to eat, just not what I’m allowed to eat.  So I eat nothing.  It’s horrible.  Not what your supposed to do at all. 

An optimal diet would have me eating small amounts throughout the day.  This way your metabolism is always cranking and you have good energy and a steady calorie burn.  Eating this way is good for health, digestion, and weight loss.  But as with everything in this world it’s easier said than done. 

Eating many small meals requires a lot of time and money.  You have to cook and shop.  Two things I don’t always love to do.  Unless your going to eat the same things all the time you need an assortment of healthy (expensive) foods.  These foods don’t often have the greatest shelf-life so be prepared to shop every four days or so.  Cooking and clean-up can consume hours of your day.  It’s no good.  Not when I’d rather spend six bucks on McDonald’s and lose maybe 15 minutes of my day, drive included.  But in the name of progress and productivity I will discuss solutions. 

Cook for the future.  On one day of the week cook a mess of food.  Enough for a few days.  This way you can microwave up some food and maybe just have to steam some vegetables.  A good healthy turkey chili is good for this if you can stand eating it three days in a row.  Brown rice is also good to have ready to heat up. 

Find cheap meals that work for you.  I like quick, cheap, meals.  Easy when eating bad, hard to find a healthy alternative.  For a healthy breakfast I like Malt-O Meal.  It’s cheap and easy, add some egg whites, or even some protein powder.  Finish it off with a piece of fruit.  For lunches I like sandwiches or salads.  I prefer salads but I have trouble keeping the ingredients around and fresh.  Sandwich’s can be good if you do them right.  Lay off the mayo and cheese.  I like oven roasted turkey on whole wheat with lettuce, tomato, and mustard.  Quick and cheap.  For dinners I like skillet meals.  By that I mean anything I can cook in one skillet.  It’s pretty fast, one pan, and there’s more recipes than you would think.  Fajita’s is the most obvious one.  There are tasty low-fat tortillas available.  These are some of my ideas but find your own.  It’s all about finding how YOU can be healthy. 

So I’m going to work on eating like I should.  Not eating at all is bad news.  It’s unhealthy and sets up binges.  Also there’s no reason to make weight loss so horrible.  Sometimes I think I like to suffer a bit so I can really feel that I’m doing something.  But I could be getting better results and be more comfortable if I just put a little effort in.  Doesn’t make sense not to.  Good luck to me and everyone who reads this.  Let’s eat right.


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