Why Weight Watchers?

Posted: April 29, 2011 in Uncategorized, Weight Watchers
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I know.  Weight Watchers is for girls.  But could it be they’re on to something over there?  It all comes back to that lifestyle thing again.  Diets don’t work.  Not in the long run.  Sure you can lose weight.  A heavy dose of will power will get it done.  But when the diet is over?  Here comes the old habits and with them all those pounds you just worked so hard to destroy.  Weight Watchers isn’t a diet.  It’s a way to track what your eating.  Through tracking you can make sure your eating properly. 

I know that when someone shows me a properly balanced and portioned meal I think, “Is that it?”  It’s just not enough food.  Because I’ve forgotten how to eat.  If your significantly over-weight you have too.  We just don’t need that much food to run our bodies.  Weight Watchers teaches you how to eat all over again.  Or should I say, it allows you to teach yourself. 

One of the great things about Weight Watchers is you can pretty much eat anything you want.  You just have to stay with-in your point range.  When I first started I went straight to Wendy’s and ate a burger and fries.  It was fine because I was still under my point total.  Now that’s dieting!  But then a few hours later I was hungry.  I only had a handful of points left which made for a pretty meager dinner.  Over the next few days I realized that if I ate healthier I could eat more.  It was a natural progression.  The healthier you eat, the more you can eat.  If you want unhealthy food, go for it, count the points, and be ready to go hungry.  This method teaches you how to eat, it doesn’t do it for you.  These lessons can be used for the rest of your life to keep you healthy and at a good weight. 

The thing I like about Weight Watchers the most is the results I’ve seen.  When I was at my biggest I looked online for people who had lost weight successfully and found a guy my age who had lost 130lbs his first year of Weight Watchers.  Pretty inspiring.  When I started going to classes I met more inspiring people.  There is a woman in her seventies you has lost seventy pounds.  Can you imagine being heavy for forty years and then starting to lose it in your seventies?  That can’t be easy.  But she excels.  We have posters on the wall there.  They have weight loss achievements printed on them.  There is one that says, “100lbs lost.”  There are six names on it right now.  I desperately want mine up there. 

So I’m not saying Weight Watchers is for everyone.  But if you have forgotten how to eat properly.  Or you want something that has decades of testing and results.  Or a support system full of people who understand what you’re going through.  If any of those are you maybe you should try it out.  It works if you follow it.  It’s not fast but it’s healthy.  And as I tell myself every week, two pounds a week for a year is one-hundred and four pounds lost.


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