Name: Jason

Age: 32

Weight: two-hundred and a lot

Height: 5’10

Location: Michigan

Interests: Reading, Writing, Pets, Sports, Eating, Sleeping, Bathing, Dreaming,  Laying, Thinking about weight loss, Procrastinating, Crime Fighting, Amateur Awesomeness (hoping to go pro), Milking, Crying over spilled milk, etc…

Greatest Accomplishment:  One time I knocked a glass off a table with my elbow and then I almost caught it before it broke.  It was super close. 

Super Power:  The ability to defuse tense situations.

Weaknesses:  Pasta, Burgers, Pizza, Desserts, Nationality Foods (mexican, italian, chinese), Naps, Apathy

Famous Quote:  Hey honey, do I have something I’ve said that’s funny or memorable?

Goal:  To use this blog to track my struggles with weight.  To have a record of my journey to good health.  To lose one-hundred pounds.  To help people realize that we’re all crazy.


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