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Once again cheat day was moved back a day.  Thick Thursday became Weighty Wednesday.  It was pizza and breadsticks and it tasted great.  Unfortunately it made us pretty ill.  The further I get from eating fatty foods the worse an impact they seem to have on my digestion.  I felt like I ate a live coyote.  I think cheat day is going to have to be toned down a little.  Maybe steak and potato with dessert or something.  The good thing is this week cheat day was so early that it left me with four days until the scale and I have our appointment.  Lots of time to lose this bloat.


This week cheat day was moved to Thursday.  So instead of Fat Friday I enjoyed Thick Thursday.  Nummers.  It was a saturated fat extravaganza.  I may even have destroyed my points for the day as well as my weekly allowance.  I didn’t keep track.  I just sat there grinning, all glassy-eyed and dumb, shoveling poison into my bloated gut.  Delicious!  I have mixed emotions. 

It’s not important what I ate yesterday (hamburger).  I let myself enjoy food for a day (pizza).  It’s important to allow yourself to live sometimes (chicken fingers).  If we don’t enjoy ourselves than what’s the point? (cookies) I will not feel guilty for my weekly spurge! (fries, cheese curds, root beer…) 

Ok, so I over did it.  I was hungry.  The important thing is that I’m back on track.  It’s out of my system and I’m rolling again.  But I kind of hated myself.  Also today my stomach wants me dead.  It hates me with unequaled passion.  I’ve been trying to sooth it with healthy foods and water but it won’t be tamed.  Oh well.  I’ll deal with a little pain for alfredo pizza.