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Once upon a time I got fat.  I think every story should start with a good old “Once upon a time.” Hopefully this one will finish with, “and so I was skinny again, The End.” But who knows? I’ve been at this too long to be that optimistic. But I’m going to try.  Feel free to read along. Encourage me, laugh at me, sympathize, whatever.  I plan on showing everyone what losing weight is truly like.  All the ugly crap along the way.  From a guys point of view.  I’ll even share feelings (gasp)!

Here’s the back story.  I was a skinny kid, and that’s not ok with everyone.  When you’re a small boy people want you to eat, and I loved getting a pat on the back for putting food away.  As a “growing boy” I was allowed to eat as much as I wanted.  Which was wonderful by the way.  My friends were shocked at how much pizza I could eat in a sitting.  I would sneak cookies during saturday morning cartoons while trying to strategically place them in the jar so it still looked full.  This illusion only lasted an hour or so.  You just can’t make eight cookies look like thirty.  Long story short, I always loved to eat.

I played sports in school.  I was thin and eating whatever I wanted.  In highschool I first gained a few pounds.  I lost them by eating a bagel for lunch and chicken and vegetables for dinner.  I gave myself one cheat day a week.  Weight at that point was a concern but no big deal.  But the intake kept creeping upwards and the exercise was going down. 

After school I was bouncing around a lot.  My weight was bouncing too. Between 180 and 220 (I’m 5’10…errr 5’9 and a half).  I wasn’t happy about it but it wasn’t the end of the world.  I still played basketball once a week and considered myself athletic. 

Around age twenty-one a few things happened that got me rolling down hill.  First, I was going to the bar with buddies every day.  Second, we ran a pizza place and ate free.  Third, I met the love of my life, who was a waitress at the bar.  Then I sprained my ankle playing basketball.  After that I just laid around eating pizza and drinking beer while playing house with my new girlfriend.  Talk about packing on the weight.  I went from around 210 to 235 in a month.  Enter the yo-yo dieting.

If you’ve done the yo-yo dieting your familiar with what came next.  I’d starve off twenty pounds and then gain thirty back.  And in half the time it took me to lose twenty.  I tried various diets and hated all of them.  As a couple our weight got out of control in a hurry.  Though we’d lose for a while, and maintain for a while, our weight was going up at a rate of about ten pounds a year.  We’ve been together eleven years now.  Yikes.

At age thirty I topped out around 310.  That was two years ago.  I decided to lose weight and whittled it down to 258.  Then I started eating again.  My current weight is a mystery.  But don’t worry.  I’ll be doing weight and measurements weekly. 

My plan for this blog is to put all this weight loss crap out there.  To share it all.  If nothing else I’ll have a written account of my failure.  Hopefully I’ll be a success story.  I’d love to help others if I could.  My plan is Weight Watchers.  It’s simple and it works. 

As far as my format I figure I’ll do weekly weight and measurements.  I’ll post my exercise routines and any good recipes I cook.  Maybe some pictures here and there.  I don’t know, it’s a work in progress.  Mostly I’ll be talking about the struggle.  Losing weight is hard.  I’m addicted to unhealthy food.  I’ll bitch and whine a lot I’m sure.  But it’ll be real.  Hopefully this blog will document a persons journey to good health.  Please read and follow. I need accountability. Don’t be afraid to comment.  Whether it’s a, “Get your head out of your ass and go work out,” or a, “Keep up the good work,” or even, “You suck at dieting,” I want to hear it. 

So that’s it pretty much.  Fingers crossed, here we go.