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I know.  Weight Watchers is for girls.  But could it be they’re on to something over there?  It all comes back to that lifestyle thing again.  Diets don’t work.  Not in the long run.  Sure you can lose weight.  A heavy dose of will power will get it done.  But when the diet is over?  Here comes the old habits and with them all those pounds you just worked so hard to destroy.  Weight Watchers isn’t a diet.  It’s a way to track what your eating.  Through tracking you can make sure your eating properly. 

I know that when someone shows me a properly balanced and portioned meal I think, “Is that it?”  It’s just not enough food.  Because I’ve forgotten how to eat.  If your significantly over-weight you have too.  We just don’t need that much food to run our bodies.  Weight Watchers teaches you how to eat all over again.  Or should I say, it allows you to teach yourself. 

One of the great things about Weight Watchers is you can pretty much eat anything you want.  You just have to stay with-in your point range.  When I first started I went straight to Wendy’s and ate a burger and fries.  It was fine because I was still under my point total.  Now that’s dieting!  But then a few hours later I was hungry.  I only had a handful of points left which made for a pretty meager dinner.  Over the next few days I realized that if I ate healthier I could eat more.  It was a natural progression.  The healthier you eat, the more you can eat.  If you want unhealthy food, go for it, count the points, and be ready to go hungry.  This method teaches you how to eat, it doesn’t do it for you.  These lessons can be used for the rest of your life to keep you healthy and at a good weight. 

The thing I like about Weight Watchers the most is the results I’ve seen.  When I was at my biggest I looked online for people who had lost weight successfully and found a guy my age who had lost 130lbs his first year of Weight Watchers.  Pretty inspiring.  When I started going to classes I met more inspiring people.  There is a woman in her seventies you has lost seventy pounds.  Can you imagine being heavy for forty years and then starting to lose it in your seventies?  That can’t be easy.  But she excels.  We have posters on the wall there.  They have weight loss achievements printed on them.  There is one that says, “100lbs lost.”  There are six names on it right now.  I desperately want mine up there. 

So I’m not saying Weight Watchers is for everyone.  But if you have forgotten how to eat properly.  Or you want something that has decades of testing and results.  Or a support system full of people who understand what you’re going through.  If any of those are you maybe you should try it out.  It works if you follow it.  It’s not fast but it’s healthy.  And as I tell myself every week, two pounds a week for a year is one-hundred and four pounds lost.


Easter weekend has come and gone.  I didn’t do so hot, but I’m not letting it get to me.  The diet continues.  Over all I’m giving myself a failing grade for week one.  But it was a short week and rather than making it official I’m extending week one to include this week as well.  In summation week one will be ten days long.  That’s right, I bend the rules of time and space whenever it pleases me.  My weeks will be Monday to Sunday starting….now. 

So here are the positives.  I went to Weight Watchers tonight for the first time in a long time.  I had them start my program over again so everything will be fresh and new.  Also I’m feeling motivated.  I’m good at losing weight when I want to be and this week I want to be.  Let us get serious.  You’ll notice that sometimes I refer to myself as more than one individual.  Don’t let that disturb you.  Sometimes I’m including you the reader and sometimes it’s because I’m nuts. 

A note on my two weights:  I have two weights.  It’s necessary that you understand this to avoid any confusion.  There is my Weight Watchers weight, which is my walking around, dressed, food in my stomach, weight.  And my second weight I call my fighting weight.  This weight is first thing in the morning, with an empty stomach… nuuuude.  Calm yourselves.  It’s necessary to get the very lowest weight possible.  I will be giving both weights in my weekly stats.  I tried to get my fighting weight and my WW weight to be the same but those prudes called the cops.  That never happened.

Soooo, in the meeting we talked about eating a variety of foods.  Good advice really.  If you’ve been dieting for a while and eating the same things every day it sometimes trips you up.  If you can’t stand the thought of eating what you’re supposed to eat you’re more likely to cheat.  So there’s that. 

One more thing.  I took the traveling tracker (a food tracking book we trade every week so we can see what other people eat) to give myself some more accountability and to force myself to track because I fricking hate doing it.  It should help.  Let the week officially begin!

So here’s an important part of losing weight.  Dropping the ball.  Most of us will fail sometimes in our efforts to eat healthfully.  You hope to make it past week one before you break,  but sometimes there’s an all you can eat crab legs special on a friday night and you’re all like,  “Eaters gotta eat!”  I might know more about this scenario than I care to admit. 

Why did I do it?  Here’s the excuse.  I go out to eat once a week so I don’t feel like I’m completely missing out on the joys of food.  Also, there is an idea that giving yourself a good feed once a week keeps your body out of starvation mode and helps you lose weight.  We decided to do cheat night on Friday’s so we can kind of cut loose a little.  Have some drinks, go out to eat, crunch on movie popcorn floating in a greasy butter-bath.  That kind of good stuff.  Here’s how I fit it into Weight Watchers.  You have 49 points extra each week to use however you want, that added to my daily points brings me to a hefty total of 104 points.  A Quarter Pounder is like 13 points.  That gives you some idea of the room I have to play with on cheat day.  So, my excuse is technically valid. 

The truth is I was planning on not cheating this Friday.  I wanted to start that next week.  Plus I’m planning on enjoying my dinner on Easter.  I lost the battle.  We sat around most of the day.  We were bored, hungry, and grumpy.  I knew the buffet was open till 9.  I watched closing time creeping closer and closer.  I was feeling miserable.  Just unhappy.  I knew good times were only a crab leg away.  At 8:15 neither of us had spoken in like forty-five minutes and we were kind of just staring into space.  I’d had enough.  “It’s Friday.  That’s cheat day, we’re going.”  We walked in to the restaurant like 3 minutes later.  If she had been having a baby we wouldn’t have moved half as fast. 

I didn’t enjoy it.  That’s what sucks I guess.  I knew I had to write about it.  I felt like a loser the whole time.  The guilt further soured my sweet-and-sour chicken.  The crab legs just ripped my hands up and pissed me off with the ridiculously puny payout received from all that cracking.  Also, I didn’t open my fortune cookie which is probably bad luck.  I walked in hungry and miserable, and walked out stuffed and miserable.  What a pain in the ass.  I have to admit though that even though I’m guilty feeling, this evening I’ve felt much more content than I felt earlier.  Less restless.  Cheerier.  But also like I don’t respect myself.  Are those my two choices? 

So I ate.  The plan continues.  Friday Fat Day is in effect.  Next week I’m turning it up a few notches.  Workouts, Weight Watchers, and… Wonder?  Wellness?  Wookies?  Some “W” word.  I want three of them in my slogan.  Wookies are really strong by the way.  Maybe my motto should be “Wookie Strong”.  I’ll get brown rubber-bands to wear like Lance Armstrong’s yellow ones.  Wait, is this one of those ideas that seems great at 2:15am but seems dumb in the light of day?  Nope.  Pure awesome.  High five!

Once upon a time I got fat.  I think every story should start with a good old “Once upon a time.” Hopefully this one will finish with, “and so I was skinny again, The End.” But who knows? I’ve been at this too long to be that optimistic. But I’m going to try.  Feel free to read along. Encourage me, laugh at me, sympathize, whatever.  I plan on showing everyone what losing weight is truly like.  All the ugly crap along the way.  From a guys point of view.  I’ll even share feelings (gasp)!

Here’s the back story.  I was a skinny kid, and that’s not ok with everyone.  When you’re a small boy people want you to eat, and I loved getting a pat on the back for putting food away.  As a “growing boy” I was allowed to eat as much as I wanted.  Which was wonderful by the way.  My friends were shocked at how much pizza I could eat in a sitting.  I would sneak cookies during saturday morning cartoons while trying to strategically place them in the jar so it still looked full.  This illusion only lasted an hour or so.  You just can’t make eight cookies look like thirty.  Long story short, I always loved to eat.

I played sports in school.  I was thin and eating whatever I wanted.  In highschool I first gained a few pounds.  I lost them by eating a bagel for lunch and chicken and vegetables for dinner.  I gave myself one cheat day a week.  Weight at that point was a concern but no big deal.  But the intake kept creeping upwards and the exercise was going down. 

After school I was bouncing around a lot.  My weight was bouncing too. Between 180 and 220 (I’m 5’10…errr 5’9 and a half).  I wasn’t happy about it but it wasn’t the end of the world.  I still played basketball once a week and considered myself athletic. 

Around age twenty-one a few things happened that got me rolling down hill.  First, I was going to the bar with buddies every day.  Second, we ran a pizza place and ate free.  Third, I met the love of my life, who was a waitress at the bar.  Then I sprained my ankle playing basketball.  After that I just laid around eating pizza and drinking beer while playing house with my new girlfriend.  Talk about packing on the weight.  I went from around 210 to 235 in a month.  Enter the yo-yo dieting.

If you’ve done the yo-yo dieting your familiar with what came next.  I’d starve off twenty pounds and then gain thirty back.  And in half the time it took me to lose twenty.  I tried various diets and hated all of them.  As a couple our weight got out of control in a hurry.  Though we’d lose for a while, and maintain for a while, our weight was going up at a rate of about ten pounds a year.  We’ve been together eleven years now.  Yikes.

At age thirty I topped out around 310.  That was two years ago.  I decided to lose weight and whittled it down to 258.  Then I started eating again.  My current weight is a mystery.  But don’t worry.  I’ll be doing weight and measurements weekly. 

My plan for this blog is to put all this weight loss crap out there.  To share it all.  If nothing else I’ll have a written account of my failure.  Hopefully I’ll be a success story.  I’d love to help others if I could.  My plan is Weight Watchers.  It’s simple and it works. 

As far as my format I figure I’ll do weekly weight and measurements.  I’ll post my exercise routines and any good recipes I cook.  Maybe some pictures here and there.  I don’t know, it’s a work in progress.  Mostly I’ll be talking about the struggle.  Losing weight is hard.  I’m addicted to unhealthy food.  I’ll bitch and whine a lot I’m sure.  But it’ll be real.  Hopefully this blog will document a persons journey to good health.  Please read and follow. I need accountability. Don’t be afraid to comment.  Whether it’s a, “Get your head out of your ass and go work out,” or a, “Keep up the good work,” or even, “You suck at dieting,” I want to hear it. 

So that’s it pretty much.  Fingers crossed, here we go.